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Contact Sheet

Contact Sheet

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  Contact Sheet is a great little tool that allows you to create a formatted PDF of your IOS address book and share it via email.

 You can print your contact or phone list, or save it as a backup.

 Options include the ability to select either a Phone List or Address List view, font size, oganized by Company or Individual, and the sort order.

 Contact Sheet is handy and so easy to use.


A couple of technical notes:

  • Due to the way the iPhone generates PDF files, you may see warning messages when you display the file on a PC.  The warning should not affect the ability to view or print the file
  • The gmail PDF viewer may not render the file correctly.  If you are trying to view the file in gmail, you should download it to your Mac or PC first
  • Some character sets may not render correctly in versions of IOS prior to 3.2.  If special characters are not rendered correctly, upgrade your device and try again.
Last Updated on Friday, 17 September 2010 21:59