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Perfect the for the dinsoaur lover, or anyone!

Not only is it a great dinosaur coloring book, but it also has other fantastic features. Each dinosaur has its own sounds. Just a short growl or roar, but great fun. Each dinosaur coloring page can be flipped over to learn a few facts about each dinosaur. There are 48 crayons to choose from. Get creative and color them differently each time. And you can zoom in to get those hard to reach places. When you are done, save your drawings to the photo album so you can email them or print them from your computer.



  • 10 Dinosaur coloring pages
  • 48 Crayons 
  • A different sound for each dinosaur
  • Flip each dinosaur page over to get facts about it
  • Color, erase, and zoom in
  • Save completed pictures to the photo album




  • On the pages screen, flick the page to scroll down and see all the available dinosaurs
  • On the crayon screen, flick horizontally to scroll through the available crayons. There are 3 pages of crayons to choose from
  • On the coloring page, click the play button to play the dinosaur sound
  • On the coloring page, click the info button to flip over and read the dinosaur facts
  • To zoom in, select the zoom/pan tool and use the iPhone pinch and spread gestures to zoom in and out
  • Press the save button on the Pages screen to save your pictures to your photo album
  • To email your pictures, go to the Photos application and select the picture. Click on the compose icon and it will create an email with the picture as an attachment.
  • To print a picture, sync to iTunes on your computer and print it from your computer. Or email it to yourself and print from the email.







 DinoColor Screenshot 1 - Pages DinoColor screenshot2 - Color a Stegosaurus
 DinoColor - Stegosaurus Facts DinoColor Screenshot 4 - Crayons tab
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